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Isaac Newton predicted the world would end in 2060. That date has been chosen by Wanna One, the marketing, design and interior design study which has developed this project entirely, to name the project. This is the starting point to build the branding and all the concept and visual universe for the hostel. Away from being an apocalyptic or negative message, is a tribute to life. An invitation to live now, today.

2060 has been a huge adventure for everyone involved. It took 11 years for their founders to acquire the building in Calle Cabeza 11 of Madrid. But once acquired, the good work started: to transform that old six floored warehouse in a hostel with capacity for 200 people.

The Project took a decisive step forward, when it comes to a strategic and business point of view when Wanna One came into play. After an exhaustive market and trend analysis and without forgetting the struggle the founders went through to make their lifetime dream came true, the study proposed this was not “another hostel”. It needed to be more than that. And it has been.
You can feel this when you are standing in front of the building, where a street artwork welcomes you with a very tempting and disturbing message: . If you bring yourself to come in, you accept with your own footprints the only admittance rule: keep in mind all we have is now, as you can read in the doormat. Beyond the entrance door…you are in another world.

2060 is a refuge for the bon vivant, in which Wanna One wanted to stimulate the senses globally. The fragrances take part in the experience, they anchor you to the present and at the same time, they teleport you to an urban oasis, where you notice the smell of freshly cut grass or mint or fig tree notes. The plants and animals climbing the doors and windows, surrounding the corridors, reinforce this feeling visually. The landscape and graphic proposal to highlight nature is, in fact, one of the main features of 2060. Within a few minutes of being here, you will forget you are in the center of Madrid.

The interior design proposal by Wanna One is inspired in Newton’s prophecy, but always looking at the future. To achieve this, they combine elements and materials aged on purpose with other modern and surprising, or even invented by the studio itself. For example, the multipurpose desk made of aged mirror which serves as reception, boutique and counter; coexisting and contrasting with the futuristic countdown to the end of the world dominating the lobby.

To get to your room, you make a sensory trip; you dive deeply into the brand experience. If you decide to take the elevator, you will do it in a vegetal capsule, with birds cheeping, literally. If you walk upstairs, you will go through the five stages of grief, as indicated by the original signage of each floor, created ad hoc by Wanna One. Once in your room, the bunk beds botanical illustrations (with a modern touch, a very bold layout without serif) will seduce you. The design of the bunk beds itself is a creative exercise with a purpose. They have been designed and created specifically to offer an experience over the expected. Besides improving the hosts rest thanks to a panel and curtain system, they promote the interaction and fun, with the illustrations serving as a photocall.

After leaving your luggage and having some rest, is time to explore. That is how you will be finding messages here and there, as tips to learn how to live the moment. But all with objects and design pieces that prove that in 2060 nothing has been left up to fate. In fact, Wanna One has selected and orchestrated eight young artists and designers to create unique art pieces for the hostel. Besides the exclusive pieces, all furniture and materials are signed by renowned national and international brands, without forgetting new brands and emerging artists. All this contributes to making 2060 quite different from everywhere else, even from a hostel.

From a vital experience level, 2060 is more a hostel than any other one, because it leaves its mark. Not because of the services they offer or the plans they propose every day to enjoy or “hacer piña” (Spanish for “Stick together”) – even if Newton was more an apple man. It is because everyone staying in 2060 shares the hunger for life and the desire of conquering the world. And that creates a special connection between hearts. In most hostels, the hosts just go there to sleep. The main difference of 2060 is that you come here to LIVE, with all letters. And you commit with that when you enter the Welcome to the end of the world door.

Market and trend audit, Brand strategy, Naming, Branding, Interior design, Furniture design, Signage, Website Communication items by Wanna One
Photography by Caulinphoto

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