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We opted for what could be described as the “remix” approach. Borrowed from the Japanese pottery tradition, the term “yobitsugi” refers to a method of repairing broken pottery with an intentional emphasis on heterogeneity. When a vessel chips, the craftsman will deliberately patch the damaged portion with non-conforming parts from other pottery, drawing attention to the damage through contrasting patterns that go beyond the purview of repair to impart a new, unique sense of individuality.

Applying this mentality to the architectural realm, the goal was to create a dynamic atmosphere, incorporating the old wood and sense of space with bold, individual patterns and brand colors.

Design/Spatial Direction: Ryusuke Nanki
Art Direction/Logo Design: Kazunori Kawagoshi, Satoshi Kohno
Supervisor: Yukikazu WatabeConstruction/Design Partner: Takahashikensho, Masahiro Takahashi
Client: Dai Shibata, Kumiko Shibata (Country Market CO., LTD. )
Photo credit :Yasutaka Kojima

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