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Wakeup Academy is a styling, fashion spreading and educational organization based in Hangzhou. The original space cannot reflect the vogue of haircut industry. The Bob Haircut will reveal the greatest charm when the hair is cut at a 78-degree angle, going from the longest lengths at the front, to the shortest lengths at the back. Inspired by Bob Cut, SU-CHI organized the whole space with a 78-degree path which is the backbone of the interior circulation, extending from the entrance to inner classrooms, from the first floor to the second floor, energizing the space, directing perspective, orchestrating people’s performance and creating communication.

The concept of 78 ° was also reflected in the details. On the second floor, SU-CHI turned the balustrade into an oblique wall with a piece of giant mirror. The mirror reflected people’s movement, lightings, and objects, creating an indefinite or vague atmosphere – a kind of phantasmagoria.

SU-CHI injected Yves Klein Blue into the space to make the interior more blooming, which is one of the boldest details, extending to the back of the staircase and bespoke furniture. The sculpture-like staircase expressed the beauty of geometry, taking people to the second floor. To manipulate the natural and artificial lighting, make use of multifarious materials, SU-CHI achieved an ideal balance between color and material, between space and proportion, between people and atmosphere.

SU-CHI tried to seek a design allowing for creative development and freedom communication. People’s movement could define and organize the space. The transformable partition of the classroom provided more possibilities and ensured each area could perform the best, allowing for creativity to grow in a comfortable setting.

Lead Architects: Lia Xing, Haifeng Luo
Photographs: lia xing & luo haifeng


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