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Commissioned by HEYTEA to design a store situated at The MixC Mall, Nanning, China, we tried to figure out a new design concept and approach by taking cues from the origin of tea culture, hoping to bring a new brand image to HEYTEA and present a modern interpretation of the space rooted in traditional tea culture.
At the entrance, we designed a curtain of glass and water as a partition. The flowing water makes the space more dynamic and full of variations, and form a contrast of movement and stillness with the rough natural stones, which adds an Oriental Shanshui charm to the space. Large areas in the space are austere and undecorated, leaving customers more room for imagination.

Project name: HEYTEA at The MixC Mall (Nanning)

Design firm: BloomDesign (
Creative director: Li Baolong

Chief designer: Nan Hongtian

Design planning: Chen Xiaohu

Design team: Qiu Wendi, Liao Wenjie, Zhao Yichuan

Project location: Nanning, China
Project area: 181 m2
Completion time: April 20, 2019

Photography: Nie Xiaocong

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