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“Impossible Land” is the narrative of Réel Chikalicious. It is no longer a specific concept, but an abstract scenario of “Impossible Land”. The design is referencing some post-modern elements and integrating the contemporary surreal language. Actually, the creation is more random; a space exploring while the whole process.
The local environment inspired us lot. We insisted on bringing the region memories to the restaurant. The truncated columns, in the store, are reflected the iconic golden pillars of the Jing’an Temple.
The functional useless sink is originally a part of the destination “LAND”. It is an installation, which can define the attributes and the qualities of the space.

Project information

Name: Chikalicious Réel

Concept: “Impossible Land”

Idea and key words: contemporary, surreal language, post-modern 

Gross built area: 136 m2

Address: Réel 2F, Jing’an District, Shanghai, China

Client: Chikalicious

Photographer: MUYI & Sò inhouse team

Design team: Sò Studio (

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