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Zemlya Moscow is a two-story quay restaurant on a truly planetary scale. The Archpoint Bureau architects did something that’s pretty much impossible – they fit four elements in one room, showing the uniqueness and beauty of our blue planet.

The author’s concept implies a restaurant chain named after the planets of the Solar system and based in different parts of our planet. The first restaurant is located in Moscow and is dedicated to Earth, hence the name. Four elements of nature intertwine inside of it, reflecting the very essence of our planet. Earth, Water, Fire and Air are displayed in separate lounges of the restaurant and merge together in the main hall. The bar interior on the first floor is dedicated to the element of Water,

Авторы: Бюро Archpoint-Валерий Лизунов, Екатерина Агеева, Сергей Кузнецов

Фото: Ольга Мелекесцева

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