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She is always in a dream
As you can see in the design slogan, Café KUO’S has been planned from the beginning to touch women’s hearts. It represents one of the marketing strategies called Sense marketing, and includes the experience with the value, impression, and resonance provided by the space. The design of Café KUO’S started with minimalism.

Since various functions as the showroom-type cafe had to be demonstrated, the large space given first was divided according to needs, and only a square space was left in the middle. The interior space, which can be seen straight from the outside, may be simple, but we would like people coming to this space to take a natural look around, stay, and concentrate.

We developed the design with a constant repetitive rhythm by moderating excessive design expression and creating certain patterns with lines and planes to maintain order. It seems like you can see the whole at a look, but we aim to provide an experience where you can feel and enjoy a new space whenever you change your seat. Moreover, we hope that customers staying at the cafe can recognize their moods, faces, and behaviors that change in the space and feel the value of the ‘place’ to stay once again. Café KUO’S pursues a more realistic minimalism and focuses on the spots further where simple lines and planes in the space meet. It is because there must be a reason for the inevitable meeting of the lines while finishing.

And one more thing is that we reject spaces that are just pretty and not warm. The warmth that space has is always generated in relations with people, and what IMA’s projects are primarily addressing is relationships. Although the things that consist of the space are simple, the space get filled with the movements and sounds of people in harmony, by feeling blank areas and taking their time to perceive and look around the space. We believe that Dosan Park Café KUO’S will be a space that adapts to the change of seasons and culture, creates its own color, and welcomes people comfortably.

Architects: STUDIO IMA
Interior Design:Jae Hyun-Ahn, Young Hyun-Kim, Ho Yong-Lee, Won A-Kim
Photographs: Yong Joon-Choi


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