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The headquarters of ATS, a ground-breaking IT company known for its creative mindset, is located on two floors of an office building in the center of Shenyang, a city in the north of China.

Young H Design, the architectural firm behind the project, took as its inspiration the client’s day-to-day business operations, which involve integrating digital and physical data on transportation into one online platform. The idea was to create a design language which is a balance between rigid faceted surfaces, representing the abstract network of coordinates connecting the virtual world of data, teamed with more gentle lines, which symbolize physical landscapes found within the natural world.

Lead Architects: Antonio Berton

Project director: David Zhou

Design Team: Gao Yixuan, Yin Pengyu, Wang Yuan, Wang Liwei, Xia Guang, Ju Yixing, Zou Youxin, Zhu Biyue, Li Jianliang, Li Keyan, Xue Wenya, Jing Hao, Chen Weilan, Zhu Tianyi, Chen Zitong

Clients: Liaoning ATS Intelligent Transportation Technology Co.,ltd.

Engineering: Jing-Architecture

Photo credits:  Wu Qingshan

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