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AmberMeeting Office locates in the concrete jungle of Xi’an Central Business District, the designer hopes to create a quiet and comfortable place of work and communication.

HONGDesignworks dig out the aesthetic value of a futuristic office, inspired by the design concept of insects from nature and the art.

The curved shape makes the space soft and round. A sense of transformation and surprise of the insect are presented by the reshaping of the interior space.

HONGDesignworks uses land art, an artistic concept that people use nature as a medium to create an art form full of overall scenes. The green color in the space, the rough-textured ceiling, and the ripple-like pattern on the carpet are all the essence of expressions of eart


Project Name | AmberMeeting Office

Project Location | Xi’an, China

Main Designer | Dang,Ming / Li,Dandi

Interior Design| HONG Designworks

Interior Designer | Tang,Xin

Project Team | Xie, Xu & Wang, Qing & Wang, Haichuan & Yan,Zhen & Qi, Aoge

Furnish Design | Yimu Designworks

Artistic Director| Li,Dandi

Implementation group | Shenzhuang General Construction Group Co., Ltd.

Project Area | 420m²

Completion Time | 2021/03

Photography Team | Tan, Xiao / Ten Photography Studio

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