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With the iteration of consumption and the continued alienation of consumer hierarchy, new words and symbols are continuously created and then consumed. In the 1960s, Guy Debord wrote that spectacle construction has become a key link in a consumerist society and the decisive structure in the mode of material production has started to shift to the image-oriented mode of spectacle production. 50 years later, the popularization of the mobile internet and the explosion of information make spectacle construction increasingly fast and diverse and make everyone present a participant and builder of consumption spectacle.

Project Name: ZIPLAB Off-line Store

Design Firm: PMT Partners Ltd.


Contact E-mail:

Principal Architects: YanHu , ZheZeng , WeihaoZhao

Project Director: ZhenlinGu, MianshiLin
Design Team: HaozhengGuan, YongjunLin, ChengPang, YihuiChen

Photographs: ZheZeng.

Client: Onion Global

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