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Established in 2015, BOHO Décor is a young interior design & construction company that has contributed to many leading projects in Vietnam’s growing scene. Following its expansion, BOHO Décor recently moved to a newly built office that was designed to meet with the company’s culture and inspire its enthusiastic team.

The office is located in a busy urban area of Ho Chi Minh City. Because of its location on the 2nd and 3rd floor of Newtecons Building, the first challenge the architects came across was the problem of many low-floor offices: busy outdoors & the lack of view. That is when they decided to give BOHO Décor office a wholly different approach by bringing everything within. The architects use a core design to navigate eyesight into the heart of the office, where they create an alternative oasis of view for the people. Communal spaces & distinctive public features like the reception, construction desk, gallery hall & printing rooms… are gathered into a central space which is called ‘The Core’. They then distribute the main working desk sections around with their sights towards The Core. That way, the office speaks for its spirit of teamwork and get-together energy. Apart from that, meeting rooms are located privately in the corner to ensure total focus and privacy for all meeting sessions.

To set the BOHO Décor office apart from others, the architects eliminate solid walls and separators to adhere to the company’s open culture. As an alternative, color blocks, hollow geometric shapes, and see-through glasses are simultaneously used to divide spaces without building up boundaries and blocking visions. This matches with the company’s working style of encouraging people to interact & collaborate continuously on different projects.

Another low-floor problem that the team faced afterward was the low and indirect light. They have successfully solved the case with a new technology lighting system. This smart system adjusts both brightness & whiteness according to the natural environment and human’s biological clock. Following the sun’s movement, it helps human bodies to balance out hormone levels, stay focused in the morning and gradually relax after work hours. This smart lighting system plays an important role in the interior solution itself as an aesthetic and performance factor.

The architects also use colors to set the right mood and tone for each distinctive space. For example, bright yellow and neutral gray, representing creativity & professionalism, are used to give the common area a modern dynamic look. While deep blue & muted green, representing wisdom & growth, are used entirely for the meeting rooms.

Furthermore, despite following a consistently clean & neat design, BOHO Décor cares way much more about how the office becomes a genuine comfort for its people. For that reason, the designers use curves to tenderize furniture details. Plants are placed across the office, growing out from all working desks to become a subtle relaxing station for everyone. And in order to provide more creative functions for the employees, we equip useful gadgets like brainstorm boards, adjustable desks & phone booths… across the space.

Inheriting the company’s resources, BOHO’s in-house team has designed, handpicked, and produced all furniture and artworks themselves, making this not only a satisfactory project but also a meaningful milestone for their people. This project is what we would like to call: A thoughtful office made by its people, for its people.

Architects: BOHO Décor
Lead Architect: Duong Cam
Photographs: Hiroyuki Oki


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