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Strategic dining
Achieve magic by magic
For Wu Wei, it is undoubtedly exciting cooperation with the Yunnan cuisine chef Xin Liu. The chef, who is more focused on the dishes, has entrusted the designer with the strategy customization of the dining space. With years of experience in catering business strategies, the designer has chosen the best way to appear. Compared with traditional catering space design services, the “strategic catering” service of IN.X seems to be going too far, but it is actually an inevitable way to promote the brand through space. If the highest level of cooking can be called magic, then only magic can create magic, so as to create surprises for the brand.

Project name: HONG 0871 Yunnan Cuisine Restaurant

Project location: Shanghai, China

Project area: 860㎡

Completion date: 2021.10

Interior design: IN.X

Chief designer: Wei Wu

Design website:

Design team: Chenyang Liu, Qifeng Jia, Chenjuan Jia, Zheguang Ying

Lighting design: Haiyan Zhu

Project photography: Yan Zheng

Project planning: Lele brand strategy agency

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