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E Studio is invited to cooperate with KClighting to design its global flagship showroom in the capital of decorative lighting in China. With this opportunity, E Studio would like to break through the definition of traditional retail lighting, create a brand new retail experience after deliberation on the essence of commercial space, and convey its vision to the world through technology and art. Focused light: Focused light not only provides lighting, but also enhances the sense of space; In a minimum and sleek shape, the entrance creates a quiet and introverted atmosphere with a futuristic tranquility, which combines technology, space, and architecture.

To begin with, E Studio pondered how it wanted people to feel when entering the space. The space should be able to create a sense of detachment and highlight the theme of “Reality and Fantasy. Intuition tells us it cannot be over complex or curvy. As the vertical main structural parts, pillars not only divide the space, but also integrate themselves into a tough and sleek surface, simple enough to belong to the past and the future. Entrance is set on one side, and the other side is a large floor-to-ceiling glass window. The infrared sensor embedded in the glass allows visitors to interact with the mechanical arm, creating a connection between visitors and the space. By setting the two different space side by side, the contrast of the real world and digital world has provided visitors with an incredible emotional experience.

The central table displays all kinds of lamps, which can be controlled with the switches on the table. The center of the display table is a mechanical arm, which is programmed to demonstrate the disassembly and assembly of the lamp parts. It is also programmed to make human gestures. When a visitor approaches, it dances and reacts to the indoor lights.

A rough black box is a presentation of sculpture: E Studio created a black box in the showroom to encourage interaction between visitors and the space, where visitors can experience installation artwork and interactive projection creations with a pair of Microsoft HoloLens. How the lighting changes its tones and pace depends on the current scenes. For example, in a concert with dim lights, some of the furniture can be easily moved around.

A direct art experience is added in the traffic flow, turning the passage into an exhibition space for painting, sculpture, and video art. A coffee corner is set up before the passage. The stone material and concrete pillars combine the old and the new design, and emphasis on architectural details and material outlines.

Austrian filmmaker, architect and experimental artist Gustav Deutsch’s first live-action film, “Shirley: Visions of Reality”, is one of those rare gems of artistic endeavor that defy categorization. Recreating 13 of Edward Hopper’s paintings, the movie charts over three decades of American history through the unfolding life of its protagonist, Shirley, a fictional red-haired actress who tackles the socio-political changes happening around her with the same fervor she handles her own personal affairs. The film shares the visual characteristics of the painter’s work: bright colors, prominent diagonal lines, bright lights and huge empty windows, suggesting the larger world outside and all the possibilities it implies.

The lighting design of the exhibition space can be very challenging, where the colors of the objects need to be presented accurately. Color is important for artwork display. To provide visitors with better visual experience so that they can see clearly, all items are displayed with the highest CRI (color rendering index). To maintain the integrity of the artworks, lamps are also hidden as much as possible on the premise of the optimal visual conditions. Track light: The sense of lines enriches the simple conceptual abstraction of the walls, both for functional and aesthetic purpose. The magnetic track serves as a flexible method to display different lamps.

Different groups of scholars, artists, designers gather in the same place to generate synergy, which contributes to the development of the community. Materials such as concrete, black wood veneer and stones constitute to the basic color tone of the building, as E Studio pays attention to people’s visual and emotional experience brought by the space. Compared to decorations where materials are simply piled up without insights and creativity, E Studio is always a champion of innovation spirit and design value.

Interior Designers: E Studio
Lead Designer : Junjian Fan, Xuanzhuo Zhou
Team Members : Chenxi Huang
Photographs :ZC Studio


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