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The task.
The task for the design of the cheese brand came from the head of a small dairy plant in the Rostov region. Basically, the plant worked in the b2b market and supplied ready products to stores in the region under various trademarks. But, as in any manufacturing business, there are unrealized surpluses of products, the level of competence of employees is growing and the task is to grow, including towards the end consumer, that is, to enter the b2c markets, local and chain stores, to win their place on the shelf. Moreover, the plant’s products are already familiar to the local buyer, have good quality and taste and are purchased as a no name product.

The products of the Alekseevsky Cheese Factory brand keep the price lower than comparable competitors in the region and are in the economy plus segment – the average level. Accordingly, it is available to the majority of the population. The Rostov region is an agrarian region of Russia and prices for dairy products drop rapidly in the warm season. The task of the packaging design of a cheese product is to attract attention, to win its place in a competitive environment and in the minds of customers.

The solution.
As a result of the course of the project, a visual metaphor of the brand was proposed and approved by the customer, and we called it “Around cheese”. At the moment, the design of cheese labels has been made for four SKU commodity units: Farm cheese, Suluguni, Balkan cheese and Mozzarella. Each taste has its own color palette and its own distinctive illustrations on the labels. Balkan cheese is about vacations, wine and romantic relationships. Suluguni will tell you about the Caucasus. Mozzarella and Farm cheese are about the romance of the Italian Campaign region and the freshness of the Russian countryside.

We did not do the traditional “cheese” logo design and focused on the fact that the product is local, from the region, which is the breadbasket of our country. The overall silhouette of the logo resembles the arches of cellars in which cheeses ripen.

Designed by uniqorn


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