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The dragon treads on the crimson qi. Dragon is the millennium soul of the Chinese nation. Made with a minimalist and classic luxurious black background, and gold and dragon as the main elements.

The “Xianglong Noble Gift Box”, with a golden dragon occupying the bottle, showcases the rich Chinese dragon culture.

In the design of the brand logo, Maotai flavor Baijiu and single product name are added to make the format close to the traditional royal seal script. Its “Diaotai Yupin” adopts a mold opening process to make a metal plate, which is placed on the front of the packaging. Two black dragons float on both sides of the box, showcasing the charm of Chinese dragon culture.

The delicate elements of China’s most traditional “Chinese dragon and the Forbidden City elements” are attached to the two handed gift box, which will carry forward Chinese Baijiu, pass on the etiquette of being a cultural ambassador and making friends all over the world.

Curator’s Insight
The delicate attachments representing the traditional “Chinese dragon and the Forbidden City elements” on the two-handed gift box add a touch of artistry and cultural ambassadorship. It’s not just about the exquisite design; it carries the legacy of Chinese Baijiu, sharing its rich traditions and etiquette with the world. It becomes a symbol of connection, bridging cultures and fostering friendships.

From my perspective, this packaging design is a true celebration of Chinese heritage and the mythical dragon symbol. The combination of classic black, opulent gold, and the presence of dragons creates an aura of prestige and reverence. It invites us to immerse ourselves in the beauty of Chinese culture and the artistry of Baijiu.

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