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Kasian Architecture Interior Design and Planning completed a multi-level space for a confidential video game developer in Edmonton, Canada. As a growing videogame developer, Kasian’s client wanted to level up their headquarters in Edmonton, Alberta. Occupying a three-floor, 75,000 sf space downtown, this client needed a custom space designed for creativity and collaboration, with common areas for multi-player sessions and teamwork. They wanted an entryway free of barriers for guests and staff alike in an open, inviting environment.

Kasian’s priority was designing an office that supports and enhances their craft. Kasian has designed a setting for authentic and imaginative experiences to come alive.

The architecture boasts of authentic local materials, strong but neutral in tone, bringing the space together for those who venture within. An open staircase of raw steel and warm woods connects people to each of the three levels on their journey. The horizontal connections are emphasized with the application of repeated architectural canopy type forms and a balance of positive and negative spaces using major architectural form.

Kasian created two concepts: the Primeval concept about growth and upper limits for focused heads down work, and the Smoldering concept for areas of collaboration and rejuvenation. Kasian created a sense of place, one that creates different experiences for their people in the same way they do for their players. Creating an architectural experience aligned with the creation of their games, these offices are grounded in the earth while reaching for the stars. Evoking a sense of gathering and belonging, Kasian designed areas that draw people into the heart of the space.

Kasian brings in-between thinking to the portals and pathways, encouraging serendipitous encounters and sparking conversations outside the audio recording booths, motion capture studios, and collaboration rooms. As creators of worlds of adventure, the video game developer client is part of a growing local tech community. They wanted the sophisticated elements and layers of this space to compete globally for new recruits, including top programmers. Sparking creativity throughout the space are a variety of clever elements to discover, like the hidden ‘Easter eggs’ in popular video games.

There are products, materials, branding, and imagery throughout the space, reinforcing the clients’ purpose and vision.

The architectural details are innovative, supporting the Primeval and Smoldering concepts that make the space whole. Kasian has delivered an environment with an inherent sense of companionship and comradery wrapped around the entire workplace experience.

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