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NV Plastic Surgery is a total design project located in Ulsan that has been carried out from branding to interior design. The hospital consists of two floors; the 8th floor operates reception, counseling, and treatment, and the 9th floor operates as a surgery center. Our first task was to define this plastic surgery. After many thoughts, we came to the question of what plastic surgery is. And our thoughts reached the universe as much.

Black hole – Black holes, white holes, and event horizon Black holes absorb all beings that pass the event horizon. Every dimension that passes through a black hole collapses and is newly defined, and existence is re-derived through a white hole. All dimensions are completely reconstructed and exist in a whole new universe. Yes, plastic surgery can be like passing through a black hole to someone. It is to move to a whole new dimension, pass the horizon of events, and face a different dimension.

NEW VISTAS – This is where the name of NV Plastic Surgery was born. We wanted to open up new horizons for visitors here. Interstellar 2014: Have you seen the movie Interstellar? As we worked on this project, we repeated it countless times, looking back at the film in our heads. And I’ve looked back hundreds of times, especially on scenes that depict black holes. The film Interstellar was the motif of NV Plastic Surgery.

Color – The color of the black hole we defined was orange. I brought the color of the black hole that seemed to be burning hot and used it. We chose gray rather than black—a moderately cold, dry color to represent the universe where black holes exist. I needed the color to contrast the hot orange the most. Stainless steel adds to the coldness of space or the atmosphere of the space station once more.

Horizontal line – Horizontal lines flow through all spaces in NV. The line of shelves, the line of walls, and the line of signage continue to cross the horizontal line. We wanted to express the horizon of events where everything disappears, the expansion of a new dimension through endless horizontal lines. When the main character opens his eyes in the dark in a scene in a movie, the light of the horizontal line first shines, and the horizontal line opens vertically and looks ahead. We thought that if there were an opening of the dimension, the line would open up and down first. All the horizontal lines that flow through NV’s space are our message to open up a new dimension to those who visit this place and are a constant extension of the dimension.

Light – There’s a light. In the Book of Genesis, the Creator creates the world from these words. Light is the beginning of everything, the birth. Let’s suggest the experience of moving to a new level through light. When you enter the entrance of NV Plastic Surgery, the light on the back of the counter first faces visitors. It’s the first light. The largest wall shines when you head to the clinic after staying in the waiting room for a while. It’s the second light. And I meet the third light at the entrance of the upper-floor surgery center. You can go towards the light. And into a new dimension, into a new being.

Architects: 420 Design Studio
Design Team: Yun Yu-jin, Jeon Sin-young, Kim Dong-hee
Photographs: Kim Donggyu


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