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The Nine Tripod Cauldrons of the Nguyen Dynasty (Chinese: 阮朝九鼎) are nine bronze tops, placed in front of the Mieu courtyard in the Hue Imperial Citadel. The Nine Tripod Cauldrons Cauldrons of the Nguyen Dynasty were ordered by King Minh Mang to be cast in the winter of 1835 and inaugurated on March 1, 1837.

The Nine Tripod Cauldrons of the Nguyen Dynasty are associated with the number 9, a sacred number according to Eastern concepts, symbolizing Heaven, absolute perfection, and the authority and strength of the leader of the world.

The Nine Tripod Cauldrons of the Nguyen Dynasty can be considered an exhibition of very exquisite works of art by talented artisans, a symbol of the wealth, beauty, and unity of the Dai Nam country and the dream of an everlasting, strong dynasty. strong. All 162 panels on the Nine Tripod Cauldrons of the Nguyen Dynasty are 162 independent, complete carvings, a skillful combination of the art of casting and embossing Vietnamese bronze, between folk culture and scholarly culture. Encyclopedia of nature and human life in Vietnam in the first half of the 19th century. The Nine Tripod Cauldrons of the Nguyen Dynasty is a rare cultural heritage with the multi-faceted value of Hue culture in particular and Vietnam in general. (excerpt: Wikipedia)

Inspired by decorative motifs and paintings engraved on copper tops, we cherish heritage symbols and wish to spread the love for the nation’s traditional culture, even though we cannot We have included all the engravings on the copper tops, but these excerpts are partly the messages we want to convey on this gift set. The gift set not only represents luxury and sophistication, but it also contains hidden identity values, evoking national pride during the period of building and defending the country.

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