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The Tianjin Italian Style Quarter sits at the center of the main urban area, along the Hai River. Once the historic Italian concession area, it now still showcases more than a hundred meticulously preserved Italian-style buildings.
ADS With a deep reverence for local history, the designers delicately retain the allure of Italian architecture, infusing the shop with artistic touches inspired by desserts and paintings. This creates an experience for patrons that transcends mere indulgence, touching the soul with every bite.
Extending from the style of the architecture, the overall ambiance of the space seamlessly integrates with the external facade and urban historical context. The red brick arch building where Bitter Sweetie is located exhibits the classic features of historical architecture with its brick walls and hollowed arches.
Drawing inspiration from dessert palettes, the interior color scheme pistachio-colored door panels against the red brick, achieving a harmonious balance amidst contrasting elements. The door exudes liveliness and vibrancy, while the brick embodies solidity and heritage, together crafting a captivating interplay of color and architectural narrative. Modern design elements seamlessly blend with classic historical features, infusing the entrance ambiance with vibrant dynamism akin to a painter’s brushstroke.

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