Forever New store by ACRD, Jakarta

November 14th, 2012 by retail design blog

Forever New continues building the brand on a world wide scale with its first store opening in Kemang Village Indonesia. Over the past 3 years the brand has expanded its reach to Singapore, Malaysia, Canada, the US and now into Indonesia completing its Asian presence.

This store continues the consistant approach to the design and reflects the pure nature of the brand. ACRD has built a relationship with Forever New since the inception of the brand 6 years ago and since then have been instrumental in the building of the brand look and feel on a worldwide basis. Through our Indonesian office Mega Octaria [Director] and Indira Sosiawan [Senior Designer] in the ACRD Australian office, have been able to manage the roll out of Forever New across the Asian network of countries.

The Forever New store design captures everything the brand represents, from powerful shopfront images to the internal black/white signature visual story. All of these elements interconnect to bring the brand to life. The use of soft finishes and reflective material, placed together amongst bespoke mirrors and chandeliers, all play a big part in setting the catwalk stage which is Forever New.

ACRD’s design intent for the stores is to always achieve space for products to tell a story. By creating drama through powerful visual merchandising statements and impactfull seasonal imagery the store always looks fresh and new. The attention to detail, selected materials and flexible fixturing design all form part of the design philosophy.

The striking contemporary approach to the pallete of colours and the perimeter black/whites create your own personal red carpet opening night effect. It instills the idea that the customers is the star and the paparazzi are taking their photo. This approach is clever store design at its best, as it forms an element in design that gives the brand its presence and provides that truly unique customer experience that can only be Forever New.

Designed by ACRD

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