Manish restaurant by ODVO arquitetura & mínima, São Paulo

December 16th, 2012 by retail design blog

Manish restaurant by ODVO arquitetura & mínima, São Paulo

Photography by Pregnolato e Kusuki estúdio Fotográfico

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2 thoughts on “Manish restaurant by ODVO arquitetura & mínima, São Paulo

  1. Marcell says:

    Hi, we appreciate that you published our project. We like this project very much!
    It’s a partnership with another architecture studio called “mínima”.( We would be happy if you put that information in the post too.


  2. bugs says:

    Its awsome
    I love it with its white panel looks like honeycomb or i dont know maybe its an indian pattern
    And also tnx for so many pictures try to have this much pictures for other articles 🙂

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