El Mundo del Vino wine store by Droguett A&A, Santiago – Chile

February 25th, 2013 by retail design blog

The Store
El Mundo del Vino is the largest wine store and wine distributor in Chile and one of Southamerica. It has several stores in the country and the project of Isidora 3000 building was the relocation of the flagship store. El Mundo del Vino specializes in wines of the every wine production zone of the world and also in champagnes, sparkling wines, liquors, whisky, etc.
Three of their main stores are located at one of the highest and refined areas of Santiago City, the Las Condes district

The assignment
One of the first drivers of the assignment was El Mundo del Vino’s claim: A world of passion for wine, considering that all the work shouldbe done with passion and dedication. As a part of the same the first direct assignment from the ownership and the goal to achieve was “to create the best wine store in the world”, with that in mind the design consulting of Tony Chi and partners was hired, and the architecture firms: Estudio Echeverria Edwards and Droguett A&A ltda as co-architects and designers.

The first challenge was to create, in one hand, a sense of unity within a space of two accesses (one from the street and another from the building atrium) and two floor levels, and a sense of diversity for the different products exhibited on the other.

As a way of to differentiate the walk flows and the movements through the store three main spaces were designed, one of them on the upper level as a sort of mezzanine, “the main plaza” on the lower level and the “chambers” hallway. In each of these spaces the public should move in different ways and speeds.

The main plaza exhibits wines only in low furnitures giving the users a sense of an open and free movement space. The chambers are very high exhibitors on each side of the viewer creating a paused movement on the hallway direction. The mezzanine level has a more varieties exhibition, liquors, champagnes, sparkling wines, the premium cellar, and the wine tasting counter, every one of them was designed with different materials and finishings.

One of the challenges was to create a unique place, in one of the best and more elegant locations in Santiago, the design should be elegant and trendy, but elegant with a festive approach in order of transform the wine shopping in a more casual and everyday task. That’s El Mundo del Vino’s brand vision and personality, to bring the wine knowledge to every occasion and everybody, and for our standards that’s what passion is about.

Design Consultant: Toni Chi & Associates, NY USA
Design Firm: Estudio Echeverría Edwards, Santiago Chile
Architect Director: Sergio Echeverría
Project Designers: Miguel Dulanto / Pablo Lamarca / Rodrigo Castillo

Design Firm: Droguett A&A Ltda., Santiago Chile
Architect Director: Freddy Droguett H.
Photographer: Marcos Mendizábal

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