The Mira Hong Kong booth by Tableau, Hong Kong

April 12th, 2013 by retail design blog

In the world of love, we always say that “The Sun as a Man as it portrays the masculine features of strong, bright but sometimes could be very vulnerable. The Moon on the other hand is a Woman, with endless beauty, very serene to at but could be very lonely. They made a very good and perfect couple, like it was destined from Heaven.” But somehow they are the same but different. The relationship between the Sun and the Moon are full of contradicted perspective. They have to deal with all the disagreement and fill the gap between them with LOVE.

Marriage is the Sun and the Moon finally find their balance and get together. Since the ancient time, the symbol (Δ) is representing the Sun and (∇) is the Moon. The same symbol in contradict position. But when the Sun and the Moon can get together, they find…
…the eternal love

Designed by Tableau

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