Viva La Lima beauty salon by OMADA Architecture, Athens

April 23rd, 2013 by retail design blog

The quantity and diversity of the requested functions has established a premium design parameter for grouping them in individual unities, thus avoiding the danger of dividing and fragmenting the given space entity. These groups are architecturally expressed as generic spatial traces that highlight each one of them. Therefore, five groups are created including the main functions of the retail store (reception, waiting areas, hand and feet care area and body care area) and its secondary functions (nail polish drying area, product showcases and product cabinets.

The groups are architecturally composed by devious design traces that elaborate in space as independent ribbons, which nevertheless can overlap and associate with each other, thus contributing in a dynamic synthesis. They are realised as furniture made of mdf in white lacquer and white acrylic surfaces.

More specifically on ground floor, the user finds four white ribbons/groups of functions. The reception along with the waiting area, the hand care area which is the focal point of the composition (a stand of five work stations), the elevated stand of feet care area that constitutes the climax and the completion of the architectural composition and the fourth group of auxiliary functions like the nail polish drying area, the make up station and the product cabinets, which is pushed against the left room boundary. On mezzanine floor the user finds the group of waiting area together with storage furniture.

The rest of the space was designed as a neutral homogeneous envelope. Its boundaries were redefined in order to include the kitchen, restroom, storage space and products showcases, between the new and the old wall. Dark coloured floor, walls and ceiling emphasize the white entities, which bear the main functions, while the corporate identity’s colours are used for furniture upholstery. On mezzanine floor, body care services rooms are grouped in a more private section behind a system of sliding panels.

Designed by OMADA Architecture
Designing team: Kallimani Maro, Koumpli Lena, Xarhoulakou Olga
Photography: Kallimani Maro, Xarhoulakou Olga

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  1. Borisward says:

    This is perfect interior designed for a top quality salon. Quit comfortable and well managed, I am already enjoyed this see this salon interior. Thanks for sharing with wonderful pics with us, keep it up.

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