Sky on the 5th Fine Dining by Clifton Leung Design Workshop, Guangzhou

May 15th, 2013 by retail design blog

Sky on the 5th showcases a delectable array of fusion cuisine within a state of the art structure, in the spirit of marrying architecture and food. Drawing inspiration from a bird in flight- the bird’s true beauty, soaring the skies free, the architectural wing structure of the LED ceiling design resembles a bird in full flight with its wings extended and landed on the roof. The symbolic bird’s wings on the ceiling in stretched fabric offer good insulation, at the same time allow diffuse light to permeate the interior.

Sandwiched between the stretched fabric is an elongated sky light – an inverted “catwalk ceiling” in glass running the full length of the restaurant. This inverted “catwalk ceiling” is designed to create two different atmospheres, bringing in natural sunlight during daytime, while creating a mood ambiance at night. When rainy days bring a gloomy mood, the venue shelters the guests, while the design of the catwalk ceiling creates a spectacular view of the “dancing rain”, to clear away all the blues. At night time, the embedded indirect LED lighting along the catwalk ceiling creates a very soft ambiance lighting and forms a welcoming and dazzling path leading guests into the restaurant.

The compelling contrast of black and white really works in this modern and chic interior by Clifton Leung. With tactful selection of each piece of furniture and accessory, this predominantly white interior looks spacious, harmonious and minimalistic, with just the right amount of black for depth and sophistication.

To create an upscale chic design for the VIP glass chambers, all 4 unique rooms are built on a raised platform, to create a floating and sky dining experience, with spectacular views of the exterior greeneries and sunset. The sleek and modern design of the LED lit table does wonders to the entire atmosphere, by giving the surroundings a warm glow to make for a cozy ambience. Without any ceiling light within the chambers, guests can enjoy the view at its best with absolutely no light reflection.

The cylindrical buffet counter area is marked by an impressive botanical décor as the centerpiece. The design layout does not define a single “space”, the circular passage allows guests to flow in and out smoothly, creating an emotionally relaxed dining experience.

Sky on the 5th offers guests a spectacular setting for stylish dining and entertainment with a casual unpretentious atmosphere. The result is a very elegant and sophisticated design that captures the artistic side of the structure.

Designed by Clifton Leung Design Workshop

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