Holy Crab restaurant by In-between Design Office, Hong Kong

August 13th, 2015 by retail design blog

Situated within the lively hub of the city, Holy Crab is the first in Hong Kong to provide an authentic Cajun cuisine experience, executed by Californian chef Mark Kerkstra. As typical of all hospitality entities run by Salient Group, careful consideration was made over how the interior and atmosphere of the restaurant would integrate with such unique food culture. Interior architect Ivan Wong used raw materials including brickwork, exposed concrete, metal shelving, and wire mesh to reflect the rustic style of Cajun culture.

Themes of boat docks and fishing are prevalent everywhere: a notable example is the reclaimed ship wood paved from the entrance hall to the circulation corridors to guide customers round the restaurant. Sitting at the center is a 3-metre wide rock pool, where patrons have the option of handpicking their own live seafood, freshly flown every day. Fish tanks can be seen in all nooks and crannies – including the washroom basin! – to elevate the customers’ appreciation of beautiful sea creatures.

Banquette seating runs along the windows, intended by Wong to give the impression that customers are enjoying their meal inside a fisherman’s boat. Above the seats are copper lights made of woks that contribute to the vivid environment. Reclaimed parts demounted from actual fishermen boats are displayed along the shelving walls to enhance the overall nautical look. Next to it is the terracotta paved dining area, which is furnished with two wooden communal tables capable of seating up to 28 people.

Wong partnered with our lighting consultant of Delighting Art to design custom-made Angel Rings that look as if they are flying over these tables; those with a keen eye for detail will notice how it resembles the same halo hovering over the crab’s head in our logo! Finally, our 4.2-metre long solid wood communal tables is designed to share with other groups of people – after all, it is part of the joyous Cajun cuisine experience to share your food amongst good company and not be afraid to get dirty!

Deigned by In-between Design Office
Design Team: Ivan Wong, Agnes Lee, Roy Wong

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