Unplugged exhibition by Secondome , Milan – Italy

April 24th, 2017 by retail design blog

For the second edition of “Ladies and Gentlemen” show, curated by Secondome and PS Design Consultant at #14 of via Cesare Correnti, Secondome presents an ArtDesign collection named “Unplugged”. Even if it sounds weird to link design to the word “Unplugged”, this apparently dissonant collection, realized by six designers (each of them with a peculiar style), has a shared basic concept: the idea that every project is to be handmade, in order to exalt the core material’s features. As Wikipedia states: “Acoustic music is music that solely or primarily uses instruments that produce sound through acoustic means, as opposed to electric or electronic means. Often artists use electronic amplifier to enhance the volume. However these devices are separated from the instruments and accurately reproduce their sound.” We used ancient tools and enhanced them, in order to give life to a collection of limited edition pieces that will always be unique just like the “Unplugged” music.

The ebonist Stefano Marolla, presents the Voluta rocking chair and the Settimio chest of drawers, designed taking inspiration from the classical organic plastic shapes. In their apparent linearity, these pieces hide complex building techniques that exalt the functional aspects of these objects. The Murano glass paste, produced in the 50s, is the main focus of the “Risvolti” mirrors, designed by Vito Nesta with the collaboration of Effetto Vetro. Gio Tirotto searches the model-building world for a new language for his lamp “Disarmante”, which is made of laser-cut brass with elements in lost wax-brass. Thanks to a new glass fusion technique, Alessandro Zambelli creates the “Lunapark” coffee table. “Dorsoduro” cabinet designed by 4P1B is a precious brass structure, upholstered with Venetian concrete, made by Grandinetti.

Lastly “Glitch” (terms used in electronics industries to describe a short-lived fault in a system) is Millim Studio wallpaper that explores the “fault” as “true beauty”.
“Unplugged” is a collection that somehow settles accounts of a continuous research that Secondome has been carrying on for 10 years, in which craftsmanship and technology overcome their contrasts and perform the same score.

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