Kafé Nordic by Nordic Bros. Design Community, Seoul – South Korea

March 8th, 2014 by retail design blog

Kafe Nordic, located in Itaewon, Seoul, Nordic Bros. Design Community have completed its design and construction. Kafe Nordic is located in a residential area nearby the street of Comme Des Garcons, emerged as the newest hot spot, and a place that mixed of various food, fashion and culture. Nordic Bros.

Design Community has an in-depth discussion of “Nordic” with the clients; enriched life, new life style, humor, artistic expression based on functionalism, smaller but stronger. So, they develop the space design under the concept of “esthetic of inconvenience” in which space is situated in a semi-basement built as residential space.

Exterior of yellow house shape, covered with red bricks as a whole, is designed by one of CEOs of Kafe Nordic and it is motif of Lune du Matin package, collaborated with Nordic Bros. Design Community. This gives yellow as a main color among 50 district colors of Seoul and is designed to be able to energize from quiet and peaceful mood of red bricks residential areas.

Meaning of Kafe Nordic is combination that is “Kafe” from Swedish, make household of daily life be more beautiful, and “Nordic”, northern Europe. They offer homemade sandwich, Panini and tea.

Hall space (25.93 sqm / 7.85 py) is work, in which Patricia Urquiola and Mutina are collaborated, of Azulej collection, combination of 27 patterns. It shows each different characteristics and taste by covering its classical wood flooring and highlights a designer’s expression by having deviation. Space is filled with the mixture of shape and color as well as designer and brand; emeco/ flototto/ hay/ ton chairs and cafe table gives variety to Candlestick Table, made by Yong-Hwan Shin, Light Au Lait by Ingo Maurer and Lune du Matin.

Also, space is completed with graphic primitive for menu, which becomes a symbol of Kafe Nordic from a client’s suggestions: octagon, hexagon, quadrangle, and circle. 8.72 sqm / 2.64 py of kitchen and 2.27 sqm/ 0.69 py of toilet restore order that forms the platforms by adding and moving pipes. Open kitchen is made through a solution to our big worry, selection and storage of kitchenware. Origami (Mutina-Folded) floor and wall linked to a toilet that is a private space and it is a place can give some pleasure to the guests.

Design: Nordic Bros. Design Community / Yong-Hwan Shin
Constructor: Nordic Bros. Design Community
Graphic: LUV / Ting Tang

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