NB Steak restaurant by Studio ZEH Arquitetura, Porto Alegre – Brazil

May 1st, 2014 by retail design blog

The 20-year-old brand known in the Porto Alegre market has revamped its logo to portray products and commercial appeal, going from meat mass service to top quality products. The implementation of this project intends to introduce into the market a new concept of grill service, bringing together the best of two worlds: the top meat Brazilian rodizio concept and special cuts, combined with a specialty market to sell local products. The project concept is based on the global trend of eating, doing business, dating and shopping at one-stop places. The layout was designed so as to have a random non-linear reading, that is, each observed or visited point shows a different piece of information.

The restaurant operates with one single tasting menu, at a fixed price, where clients are given free choice. Special cuts and two types of fish are served to the tables, except for classical cuts, and instead of a large salad buffet, sophisticated salads and typical Brazilian desserts reinterpreted by a French chef. Visual merchandising was applied to the walls, based on cross marketing principles, where products and packages, beverages and the respective glasses are harmonized. Packages were specially designed for the shelves, so that when displayed together they can form words and sentences.

The restaurant finishing is synthetic, anti-flame and recyclable. The selected wood is bamboo, iron bars have natural finishing and the mineral roof covering has acoustic isolation. A wood sculpture on the roof simulates a flame – in addition to the decorative aspect it induces the client to look further into the shop, which has a dark cork wall covering and bottles and glasses, avoiding the impression of a long room. Focal lighting values bright and dark contrast, as if embracing the customers. The product shelves bring lukewarm LEDs to perfectly blend with the environment.

Designed by Studio ZEH Arquitetura

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