Fragrance Lab installation by Campaign, The Future Laboratory, Selfridges and Givaudan, London

May 19th, 2014 by retail design blog

Commissioned by Selfridges and created in partnership with The Future Laboratory and Campaign, Fragrance Lab offers a tantalising glimpse into the future of in-store retailing, where customers’ habits, preferences and tastes, as well as their physical interaction will be used to develop a personalised service or product. A compelling alternative to the screenbased activity of online shopping where the browser is removed from the merchandise, in Fragrance Lab the consumer’s physical presence informs the alchemy of the fragrance to offer a more meaningful consumer experience. Fragrance Lab is a much more ambitious iteration of an earlier project by The Future Laboratory and Campaign, ‘Sweet Shoppe’ (2011), which was presented as a curated personal journey to source the perfect sweet.

Design statement
Campaign has transformed the Concept Store in the Wonder Room on the ground floor of Selfridges into Fragrance Lab, creating a series of sensorial chambers to guide the customer on a highly immersive olfactory journey through Selfridges’ iconic windows to explore the outer reaches of scent. All senses will be heightened in a highly intoxicating space. The individual’s interaction
in the space will indicate personal preferences and inform the inal product presented to them. Each customer’s journey will commence in a reception space and culminate in a dispensary setting.

Consumer profiling
What lies behind the seemingly simple experience is a complex matrix four years in the making that involves new methods of choice architecture and customer segmentation, allowing the experience to match the right product to the right customer. Within each stage there are different objectives and touchpoints used to create an immersive and sensorially engaging experience, but throughout there is a consistent narrative that seamlessly captures data to inform the creation and prescription of an individualised fragrance.

Fragrance creation
For Fragrance Lab, a team of four perfumers from Givaudan crafted the collection of fragrances created exclusively for Selfridges: Louise Turner, Nadege Legarlantezec, Shyamala Maisondieu and Antoine Maisondieu, each bringing their experience and skills to the challenge of ‘exploring the outer reaches of scent’.

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    Can you create a perfume that never leaves your body at all? Haha. Seriously, thanks guys for your talent and skills of coming up with different scents we all individually love. I am addicted to Jo Malone scents and Be delicious DKNY. Thanks again.

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