Criniti’s restaurant, Australia

August 19th, 2014 by retail design blog

A chain of Italian restaurants in Australia, Criniti’s, generate a rustic atmosphere with a range of architectural lighting designed by Il Fanale. Layers of diverse brass fixtures are scattered across the interior for a sophisticated result. The eclectic selections include pendants as well as wall and ceiling-mounted fittings.

Punctuating a metal paneled ceiling, La Cantina pendant lamps suspend from a white cable above the dining area and resident Lamborghini. Barchessa outdoor lights project off wall surfaces with an antique, curly detail while Il Patio outdoor lights feature a utilitarian metal wire guard to protect the exposed bulb in style. Arching walls are accentuated with the curvature of the hemispherical Galileo pendant lamps. Hand-made in Italy, the lighting adds an antique and contemporary feel. The taste of Italia is found within the restaurant’s authentic dishes and atmosphere.

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