Olympus showroom by Von Weichs Architekten & Licht01 Lighting Design, Hamburg

August 27th, 2014 by retail design blog

With different lighting scenarios and colour changing set ups, the new showroom for Olympus is now open and it brings a modern and attractive atmosphere to their facilities in Hamburg. The lighting concept was primarily to create diverse lighting scenarios to enhance the space, in which customers could learn about the healthcare products and get a proper view on the quality, productivity and commitment of the company.

So the complete concept started with an image which was a key feature of the interior design and gave us the basis for our concept. “We would develop exchangeable light scenes with colour changing between white and blue. We would separate the illumination in areas so the light setting could be adjusted individually to give more possibilities and scenarios.” In conclusion, the combination of white and blue cove lighting, downlights and adjustable spotlights allowed us to create an interesting space with a wide range of lighting possibilities and a modern and innovative room impression.

Interior design by Von Weichs Architekten
Lighting design by Licht01 Lighting Design
Photography by Licht01 Lighting Design

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2 thoughts on “Olympus showroom by Von Weichs Architekten & Licht01 Lighting Design, Hamburg

  1. Really awesome pictures. The concept of Decoration with lighting is amazing. So Nice !!!!!

  2. Jose Francisco says:

    Excellent atmosphere by the combination of blue and white light. Very fresh, modern and inetresting! Good job!

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