Kerry Properties Limited’s Green Box by Totems, Hangzhou – China

August 28th, 2014 by retail design blog

Kerry Properties Limited is one of Hong Kong’s largest property investment and development companies, with a portfolio of assets spanning Hong Kong and the rest of China. Together with Totems
Shanghai, an extraordinary project called „Green box“ was realized. The Green box is literally a cool temporary building presented by Kerry Properties to all people of Hangzhou during this hot summer. Climbing plants cover different parts over the entire length of the building, which literally brings the structure to life.

While people are surprised by this extraordinary real estate-project, the Green box also promotes the healthier kind of lifestyle that the “Castalia Court” project in Hangzhou represents.
The time of production was challenging for Totems, as it had to be finished within three weeks, including material selection. We chose artificial but natural looking and durable plants as decoration for the building. The reason for that was the very frequent typhoon weather in Hangzhou. Another reason was the duration of the project: The building is during the entire summer, autumn and winter (with temperatures of almost 40°C and during the winter months just below 0°C) open for visitors. The project was realized in cooperation with BEEP Asia.

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