Selfridges Bright New Things hand sculptures by FLOW Creation, Manchester – UK

March 28th, 2016 by retail design blog

Made from 35,000 paper cubes of sustainable British papers, Selfridges Bright New Things hand sculptures by FLOW Creation are stopping shoppers in their tracks and encouraging reflection on sustainability and manufacturing tradition. Tumbling from their studio in the North West of England, 35,000 handmade paper cubes from FLOW Creation have converged to create a show-stopping intervention in the infamous windows of Selfridges, Exchange Square. As if emerging from a secret, subterranean world, two 3D hand sculptures can be seen reaching up to grab the attention of passing shoppers.

Commissioned by Selfridges (as part of its Bright New Things sustainability initiative) working in partnership with the Whitworth and to a concept developed by Manchester’s Modern Designers, Blackpool-based FLOW Creation’s sculptures use paper from James Cropper. The 170 year old British Master Papermaker has an immoveable commitment to sustainable production. Asked to create an original art installation, FLOW Creation’s lead artist, Sam Robins hand-picked a range of the Cumbrian mill’s papers in simple colours of grey, blue and orange and subtle ‘sparkle’ surface finishes to fulfil his ambitious vision.

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