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The Outsiders Store located on Liverpool’s vibrant Slater Street, is a brand new concept store which curates a considered collection of authentic outdoor and heritage workwear brands, along with a refined selection of accessories and camp gear for the modern outdoor lifestyle. The store design has been a collaborative effort between WDC Creative, Quantum4 and the Outsiders Store creative team. A specific reference point is Drop City, a ‘counter-culture’ artists community created from scratch in Colorado in the 70s.

This ‘hippie modernism’ has been used in the store concept, but brought up to date through the use of materials and finish. The overall aesthetic and feel of the space clearly references these more primitive construction techniques, but they have been given a more robust, modern, engineered-craft look. Where possible, hand-made techniques such as screen printed wall art, or stools with upholstery made from old climbing ropes have been introduced.

The space feels clean, modern, light and airy through the use of pale timbers set against white walls. A splash of colour is provided from the wall art, and the small fixing details throughout the space. The fixtures have also been created with flexibility and modularity in mind. As an example, the wall display panels can all be removed allowing the merchandising configuration to be completely changed week after week.

“The original design from WDC embodied our vision for a clean, honest aesthetic that simultaneously looked amazing on its own whilst giving an uncluttered canvas on which the products could shine. To then see that design delivered without compromise as close to the design as humanly possible was outstanding. Put simply we couldn’t be happier and we wouldn’t change a thing!” – Robert Brigham, Managing Director of the Outsiders Store.

Sustainability has also been at the heart of the Outsiders Store concept. Throughout the design process the team have worked hard to ensure that the project respects the environment and maintains a CSR policy that many of the brands on sale at the store also endorse. Wherever possible, the infrastructure and existing features have been retained rather than ripping them out and replacing them with new. Elements such as the security shutters and the tiled floor have been retained and incorporated into the overall aesthetic of the space.

Where additional flooring has been required, finishes such as Marmoleum have been used. This is made with natural ingredients and is produced without any of the harmful VOC’s or other toxic chemicals that are found in a lot of other flooring products. All lighting is LED, which will help reduce energy consumption.

The fixtures have been produced using the ecoSmart system to help maintain a positive measure throughout the initial design process. As the fixtures were then developed in conjunction with Quantum4, this sustainable action continued with the use of FSC timbers throughout, and with ‘end of life’ in mind, the idea of easy disassembly. Everything can be broken apart after use and recycled/re-used again.

Design: WDC Creative, Quantum4 and Oustiders Creative Team
Photography: Percy Dean

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