Morgassi Superiore branding by FutureBrand

September 26th, 2014 by retail design blog

Morgassi Superiore is a wine house located in the Gavi Region (Italy), they produce DOCG superior wines mixing the ancient winemaking tradition with up-to-date techniques. Morgassi asked FutureBrand to assist them in a brand refocusing project involving the revision of their strategic positioning and brand image to better communicate their high quality products and heritage. FutureBrand has developed a proprietary concept – the journey of taste – inspired by the mythological beast portrayed in Morgassi logo, the pistrix, a creature able to travel across land, water and air.

The concept led to the naming phase where the names of Morgassi’s three DOGC Gavi wines were created: Passo (Step), Tuffo (Plunge) e Volo (Flight). FutureBrand has redesigned Morgassi logo by creating a new and original font and reproducing it in a bright yellow hotfoil. The same font has been used also for the wines names. The label handmade illustrations are extremely contemporary and full of personality still they succeed in conveying a sense of warmth and care. The end result is far from the traditional iconography of the wine world and gives to the Morgassi brand a truly innovative twist. – See more at:

Design by FutureBrand

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