Rabobank Dommelstreek office by DPL Europe, Geldrop – the Netherlands

October 8th, 2014 by retail design blog

Rabobank Dommelstreek in Geldrop, Noord-Brabant, the Netherlands completely re-designed the excisting office. One office was developed with all the facilities under one roof. A renewed environment connects the bank office with constumers in the new way of banking and working.

The original office was build in the sixties, but did not meet requirments for modern offices. Rabobank decided to not build a new office but to redevelop the excisting one. After stripping the whole building, they renovated it, and added space so a total floor of 2990m2 was created. At the centre and entrance of the building a ‘plaza’ was created where meetings between clients and employees are central.

With this new office, Rabobank Dommelstreek wants to contribute to a sustainable environment. Therefore the new office was build with sustainable techniques and materials. The building recieved an official Dutch certifacte for sustainable buildings: the BREEAM-NL four star “Very-Good” certificate.

DPL Europe designed the lighting plans for this office. Using the newest LED-technology, combined with beautiful design solutions they were able to design a sophisticated light plan, creating light spacious open offices and cozzy areas for a more personal experience.

Photography by David Rozemeyer

At DPL Europe is “light” not a product, but an experience, an emotion. Light is architecture, design, innovation and interaction; but above all: Light is our business.
DPL Europe; we are only limited by our imagination.

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