SCIENCE café & library by Anna Wigandt, Chișinău – Moldova

October 16th, 2014 by retail design blog

To create a place that will carry educational purposes. Nowadays, there are so many bars and cafes with diverse interiors. As a rule, their interiors appeal on emotional state by creating cozy atmosphere. This project lacks the idea of attracting a person into a comfort zone (which sometimes should be avoided). The idea of this space is in consolidating the process of knowledge acquisition and in involvement of young people interested in the applied science. The idea is to ​​combine public and working spaces and to help to increase the level of involvement of young people in the process of self-education.

During the lectures the modular table will be arranged into the one geometric pattern. The idea came from ​​Kepler’Mysterium Cosmographicum – the geometrical basis of the universe represented by regular polygons bound in one inscribed and one circumscribed circle at definite ratios. But in this case, the table is just a projection of that model. Each visitor is allowed to have his/her one own cell to keep personal belongings. It is meant to be a self-service café. I find it very exciting to stimulate people’s interest in science. Perhaps,this particular design will be helpful in sharing existing scientific knowledge to develop practical applications, which will lately result in new technologies or inventions.

Designed by Anna Wigandt

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