Yong Jiu bike café by Kyle Chan, Shanghai – China

October 21st, 2014 by retail design blog

We provide a new form of visual presentation to our Client ‘s brand new business line- YongJiu Cafe fr it’s classy iconic brand image – Yong Jiu Bike. By showing its’ long historical background in CHINA and it’s innovative concept for the youthful generation, exploring the intersection of classic Chinese culture and modern lifestyle to anticipate future needs and living standard for customers. Base on the blueprint of Chinese factories, the interior of the café has fully infiltrate with strong local industrial ambient.

By presenting the essence of the long history of the brand upon Chinese cultural background, we take Blue as the theme color which is popularly used in ceramics— one of the Chinese historical crafts. Symbolizing its’ life style with pure wooden color, together with the decorations with bike’s elements, it entirely brings out its’ innovative brand new concept by combining the traditional cycling industry & modern leisure upon the impressed traditional brand image .

Using the elements of bike through furnitures & decorations being the whole design’s basic outlook, creating a mixture of feeling encompassing both industrial yet modern energetic for the audience. Offering an intention of personal touch for the viewer and leaves deep impression with just one glance at the whole creation. Regarding inner design of the cafe, we utilize a simple design technique by using the classic elements of factory structure as ceiling support, which allows the viewers to enjoy the best mixture of old & new ages ‘s features .

This cafe traces how Asia applying history and design into retail industry on top of functional purposes .Transforming the articulation of new visual and conceptual languages from the global vision. Bringing a new vision experience to China by linking up life style into retail world. By providing a new retail experience, Clients has been approached by different age groups of customer throughout the experience in cafe. Bringing a new era leisure not only in a business way but also exposing its’ vision in philosophy of life style.

Photography: Wong Kin Fai
Design by Kyle Chan / Kyle Chan & Associates Design Ltd.

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