Alfaia branding by Leo Burnett Lisboa

November 10th, 2014 by retail design blog

The Illusions And Delusions Of A Craft Beer In A Wine Shop Context In the charming Lisbon neighbourhood of Bairro Alto, there was an old-fashioned wine shop where, in the company of the finest and most traditional wines, dwelled a craft beer named “Alfaia”. But, unlike those wines, Alfaia had no history, no background, no soul. Not even a label. It was tasty, quite so, but remained estranged, blank and lifeless. Alfaia had to become a unique presence among the wines of the wine shop and, as a consequence, among the beers of the outside world.

Concept: Alfaia was lost, different and dislocated. An outsider trying to fit in with this family of wines. We captured her looks and dug deep to find her inner voice and let her have a life and a personality of her own. A beer that believes she’s a wine, yet remains unable to put a finger on why she still feels so different. For instance, she is shorter than the other wines, foamier, thicker… but, then, she is served into a wine glass and her cork pops open like champagne. A character was born. And we were face to face with black sheep of the family.

Design by Leo Burnett Lisboa

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