Franzese hot chocolate branding by Studio|H2G

November 19th, 2014 by retail design blog

Franzese is a national and international luxury / lifestyle brand. Focused on quality Italian food and beverage items that are exclusive to the brand. Franzese has entered the USA market very strong in their first national launch with every Nordstrom E-Bar in the country. Their Italian Hot Chocolates are the essence of authenticity and allow consumers to bring a piece of Italy into their home. In addition Franzese Italian Hot Chocolate has become a staple product for the Nordstrom E-Bar – launching 2 specialty drinks consecutively – 2 yrs in a row ; Italian Mocha and Salted Carmel Mocha. Both items are made with Franzese’s Italian Hot Chocolate in addition to selling their luxury retail tins (black and white).

Franzese plans to expand their retail and bulk line with other luxury retailers and hospitality companies; and have dedicated much effort to promoting their boutique Italian Hot Chocolates and other products that come directly from Italy with recipes that are exclusive to the brand.

Photography and Design by Nico Giammarco at Studio|H2G

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