Autogrill restaurant by Creneau Int., Brussels – Belgium

December 4th, 2014 by retail design blog

When we were asked to create a new concept for Autogrill at the International Belgian airport in Brussels, we went all-out Belgian with a capital B. The new Belle & Belge Brasserie (which translates as ‘Beautiful and Belgian’) was born out of love for good food and – perhaps most importantly- our lip-smackingly luscious, uniquely refreshing selection of Belgian beer.

We found inspiration on the foam bubbles topping the golden goodness of the finest Belgian beers and subtly implemented this bubbly shape into the entire interior design, coming up with cozy cocooning areas and beautifully bulbous light fixtures. Copper elements, a reference to the notorious Belgian beer breweries and the amber hues of its most famous beverage,
give the space a warm and welcoming glow. Thanks to Belle & Belge, hanging out at the airport is never a stale affair.

Design by Creneau International

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