Coffee House by Light4Space, Nové Mesto nad Váhom – Slovakia

January 6th, 2015 by retail design blog

Coffee house in Hurbanové sady replaced another small building, disused farm object. Location within the park is boundary, adjacent to the northern entrance of the area and back wing of the near multifunctional and residential construction. Café building is a spatial expansion of a terrace in the park. A Terrace, defined as a space evocating recreation outside the interior, comfort and space of social contact, seems to be the ideological basis for aesthetics of this facility. Its expression is also a homogenous larch facing in fine raster – the wood bends from lacing to the extended roof’s platform.

Investor allowed the architects to deal with construction elements and materials selection device, which helped the visual integrity of the café. Simple whiteness of outdoor chairs is enriched by chocolate brown chairs in the inter. Half of the seating in the interior is designed in the form of benches, which together with rhythmical orthogonal facade’s grow in an environment of green brings a sense of Japanese tea house. The second half of the traditional cafeteria seating is pleasant.

The layout is due to the small areal extent of construction tersely effective. This applies to customers’ area as well as to the hinterland. On the other hand, the standard material is high. Spatial connection to the playgrounds fills this place with life. The first set of plots is green, the second is the facility, connection (binder) are people.

Designed by Light4Space

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  1. The aesthetics of this coffee house is just brilliant! The greenery around the place is so beautiful. Thanks a lot for posting 🙂

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