Tendinha dos Clérigos Bar by AVA Architects, Porto – Portugal

January 24th, 2015 by retail design blog

AVA architects from Portugal realised a bar and nightclub in the revived city centre of Porto, Portugal. The red coloured space has walls and a ceiling with cuts that let in light, creating a warm and cosy environment.

On the ground floor are the vestibule and cloakroom that lead to the dance floor and two bars. Practical spaces like dressing rooms and sanitary installations are hidden underneath on the underground floor. In the bar and dance area the ceiling is the most prominent element. Not only does it have cuts to let artificial light through, it also has alternating heights that make the space look more dynamic. The light that shines through the ceiling and from the bars illuminates the dance floor just enough to inspire potential dancers.

Photography: José Campos

via Frameweb

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