Nightscape by Masaki Murata for Natevo

February 4th, 2015 by retail design blog

This eye-catching furnishing accessory can be used in a number of ways: as a coffee table, a night stand, a display unit or a magazine rack. Its shape is reminiscent of a small-scale skyline depicting the skyscrapers typical of major cities, and this was the inspiration behind the design. The piece consists of three rectangular box-like components of different sizes; they are joined together and have been produced in solid clear crystal glass with a beveled finish. The Led lights in the base of every element emit delightful, highly-suggestive light. All of the pieces in the Natevo collection – and this one is no exception – offer two light emission options: warm or cold.
Dimensions: 42×42 cm x H 67 cm.

Masaki Murata was born in Japan in 1984 and is a product designer. He graduated from Osaka Sogo College of Design, Japan. He worked at HERS experimental design laboratory.(Product design office)
He then started works as a freelance product designer based in Osaka, Japan, from 2010. Currently, he designs home appliances, furniture, lighting, toys, and many other products. He aims for designs that can inspire and move viewers.

NATEVO is a revolutionary line of furniture and furnishings; the items incorporate Led light fittings that autonomously illuminate the surroundings. The collection is very much a ‘work in progress’; the idea is innovative even in terms of the design, production and distribution processes. This is the first time that architects and designers are given the possibility to design furniture with these exciting characteristics and present them to NATEVO by uploading the plans to the website. An expert panel will then examine the designs and decide whether or not they satisfy the values of the NATEVO philosophy; if so, the prototype will be produced and presented on-line. At that point, visitors to the site can express their enthusiastic appreciation by ‘sponsoring’ the prototype and book one of the pre-series. When the preset sponsorship objectives have been reached, the prototype will go into production and will be added to the Natevo collection; the collection expands with furniture and furnishings ‘containing light’, with the components of the collection exclusively based on the public’s demands and their appreciation.

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