Viet Town Restaurant by SYM Design, Sydney – Australia

February 12th, 2015 by retail design blog

Viet Town is the latest addition to the crowded variety of cuisines on offer in Sydney’s Chinatown. But it’s not just another Vietnamese restaurant. Set against the backdrop of the historic Da Nang city, it is one that brings the nostalgic scenes of street food hawkers into the hustle and bustle of contemporary Sydney. Interior designers SYM Design took inspirations from the city’s rich palette of colonial remnants. The recycled doors and windows, monotone photographs and customised straw hat light fittings are reminiscent of a strong French influence in Vietnamese traditions. Setting these against bright tones of yellow and green on the walls celebrates the infusion of old into new so central to the scheme.

The design concept is further exemplified by the rawness of materials. Rusted furniture and finishes solidly remind one of the beauty in the chaos of the Da Nang street – an authentic quality beloved by many afar. Highlighted by the theatrical spotlights, the eye is closely drawn to the drama of this authenticity. Together, they create a cosy atmosphere that puts the customer’s experience at its core.

Design: SYM Design
Photography: Clavell Lee

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