River Island Store by Unibox Retail, Gateshead – UK

March 15th, 2015 by retail design blog

Combining advanced technologies in engineering and lighting Unibox Retail designed and manufactured an illuminated, cableless shelving unit for fashion retailer River Island’s Gateshead concept store. The shelf lights up the moment it’s put in place, with no cables or connectors, meaning the shelves can be moved / remerchandised incredibly easily by in-store VM teams. Unibox Retail also designed and built bespoke led backlit graphic displays, both wall and ceiling mounted throughout the store. The project received great feedback and the designs were integrated into River Island standard concepts for use in future stores.

Design: Unibox Retail
Photography: Unibox Retail / Mike McGowan

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3 thoughts on “River Island Store by Unibox Retail, Gateshead – UK

  1. Alex says:

    I love all of the lighting features in this build, but I’m on the fence about the layout of the shoe shelving on the walls. It looks a little messy to me.

  2. I thinks it looks amazing! – The “tunnel” into the kids wear dept is especially good!

  3. Ray Barnett says:

    What a Project by Unibox Retail – Store looks amazing and I love the illuminated entrances. The shelf lighting really enhances the products and must be a dream for VM staff ultimately improving the shopper experience

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