Petaling Street Express Restaurant by Envision Design, Sydney – Australia

March 24th, 2015 by retail design blog

It’s not the first time for Petaling Street to make a presence in Sydney, but a first for a casual dining concept. Petaling Street originated from Melbourne has successfully won people’s hearts in the City Centre of Sydney. This time it brought the essence of their famous Malaysian Hawker dishes and ventured into the suburbs of Sydney. The challenge is set for Envision Design to accommodate fully equipped commercial kitchen and some sit down dining within 80m2. By position the kitchen on the side of an elongated space, helped to re-create the street food buzz from Petaling Street in KL. Semi-opened kitchen allowed customers to interact with the sizzling sound and the mouth-watering temptation of cooking.

The finishes and joinery details all contribute to create a rustic and nostalgic vibe of Hawker food dining experience in KL. While the architectural materials remained natural and warm; the vibrant colours of the menu and the photographic collage on the sidewall stood out to highlight the cultural characteristic of its originality. Envision Design intended to utilise this wall collage to direct the customers into the restaurant and so that the ‘Drink Bar’ can be introduced. Visual Merchandising also assisted to complete the overall look and feel for Petaling Street, which lifted its character. The selection of enamelware, chook ceramic bowls and oil lamps all spoke of childhood memories of the life in KL; while adding the level of quirkiness to tell the story of Petaling Street Express in Sydney.

Design: Envision Design
Photography: Derek Yang

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