IL BIANCO Café & Restaurant by Betwin Space Design, Yongin City – South Korea

May 12th, 2015 by retail design blog

Located in front of the apartment complex at Seongbok-dong, Yongin city, Café & Restaurant IL BIANCO has exterior appearance in the shape of blocks piled up neatly. IL BIANCO named after the color of its appearance, which means ‘white’ in Italian. It is brilliant white filled with mysterious experience of exploration. The exterior appearance with blocks wears in white which reveals its shape more vividly under the sunlight, and allows to be seen through window from outside.

Brunch café on the first floor features its varying floor levels and high ceiling. Counter mass placed in the front from the entrance looks interesting, which is an element to indicate design concept to unite whole space. As in the fairytale, ‘wardrobe’ is the connecting link to communicate with another world and had diverse adventurous experiences when they entered it through the front door and opened its opposite door. There is another ‘wardrobe’ at the staircase. It is an architectural element to connect one floor with another floor. We wanted customers to have unique experience to meet different world while walking up and down through this staircase. It is where white fairytale becomes reality.

Design: Betwin Space Design / Jung-gon Kim / Hwan-woo Oh / Ji-young Ahn / Sung-taek Ro
Photography: Pyo-joon Lee

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