NANA Rocking Chair by Alegre Design for MiniMoi

May 21st, 2015 by retail design blog

Alegre Design redesigns this product to enhance, if is possible, that magical moment between mother and child.

Nana is a rocking chair designed to ease breastfeeding for the new moms. We designed an evolution of the traditional rocking chair with all the features providing the highest comfort during lactancy. Made with breathable fabrics and with a light rocking motion, Nana enhances and improves these such intimate and special moments between mother and child. Reinventing such a family-devoted and traditional product as a rocking chair, but improving it for a new use, thinking about the new mothers, is the aim for this special and unique product.

Nana is made with an oak wood structure and a rocking rail resting on tube legs made in black steel, easing its rocking motion. The backrest, made with white Gabriel fabrics, is very flexible and adaptable to the person’s body weight, which provides the user with a great comfort and touch when leaning on it. With wide and versatile armrests, it provides a surface for objects as well as a comfortable rest. In addition to that, it includes a footrest with a box to store objects used to take care of the baby which we so often need handy. NANA is available in MiniMoi’s shop.

About Alegre Design
Alegre Design is a industrial design and product development study located in Valencia (Spain) and that has more than 15 years’ experience. They have been working for furniture name brands for years and work with firms all over the world thanks to their international reach. Alegre Design understands design as a global concept that not only includes the aesthetics of the product, but provides long-lasting solutions that last throughout the whole products’ lifespan. Their projects increase the companies’ brand value thanks to their originality, guarantee and efficiency.

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